Boosted Board


Thinking about going car-free and live in an urban environment? This electric skateboard might be a good solution for you. It’s lightweight, can easily hang on a hook inside your tiny home and can be transported with you on bus, train and subway rides. When you get to your destination, simply plug it in for a recharge. If you’re off-grid it can be recharged with your solar panels and battery bank without sucking up that much energy.

The Boosted Board comes in three flavors depending on the slope of hills in your location and how much power you prefer. The board is controlled by a bluetooth device that allows you to take off and it also has electronic brakes. If you accidentally drop the controller the skateboard automatically begins acting like a regular skateboard.

Need to go grocery shopping? Put a backpack on and hit the road. Want to go a little further? Put a Goal Zero battery pack in your backpack or stop by the coffee shop and recharge while sipping some java.

By ditching your automobile and replacing it with a Boosted Board you can save some pretty serious cash over the long haul.

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