Dirt Devil Gator (Cordless & Bagless)


Because most tiny houses are less than 250 square feet there is typically no need for a full size vacuum. There is certainly no room for storage. That doesn’t mean there is no need for a cleaning device though. Sweeping doesn’t always take care of the whole job either. Enter the Dirt Devil 10.8V. With powerful suction the Gator series of Dirt Devil vacs feature flip open dirt cups for easy emptying. You can literally dump the dirt without getting your hands messy. The vac features a built-in crevice tool, as well which is perfect for shoe molding and corner nooks. The DDG also comes with a charger and delivers well over 20 minutes of straight vacuuming without a sign of losing charge. Product is only 2.75 pounds.

Submitted by Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E)volution.

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