Tiny Home Communities

The Best Tiny Home Communities You Can Join in America

Living in a tiny home can be a great way to reduce your living costs and increase your level of contentment. However, it’s not always easy to find the perfect place for you. Here are 10 of the best tiny home communities that offer housing options for every type of resident.

Find the Best Tiny Homes for You

Living in large houses is probably a thing of the past because tiny homes are here – they are more than just a trend; they are lifestyle choices that many individuals all over America are happily taking up. 

The truth is, several structures can measure less than 300 feet. However, not every tiny home can prove itself to be accommodating enough and beautiful to live in for an extended time. Before finding the best tiny home communities you can join in America, you need to find first the best type of tiny house for your needs.

Rows of tiny houses

Find a Community that Is Right for You

If you already have an idea of what your tiny home should look like, then it’s necessary to find a community that is right for you. To find the best tiny home community, you need to consider first where your location is. 

To help you with that, we’ve listed the 15 best tiny home communities you can join in America. So, stay tuned!

How to Find a Place to Live In Your Budget

You shouldn’t buy or build a tiny house until you know where you will establish it. Tiny houses on wheels are undoubtedly portable, but they are not the easiest to move around, particularly if you are not used to driving large trailers.

Take your time considering what type of lifestyle you’re planning to live. Here are the following points you want to consider after you plan the type of lifestyle you want.

Parking vs. Buying. vs. Renting

Many tiny house communities offer a variety of tiny houses for sales, tiny rental homes, or a mix. You have probably already seen tiny houses vacation on websites such as VRBO.com or Airbnb before.

If you are interested in going tiny but are not 100% certain, renting a tiny house is a great way to see. You can rent a tiny house just like an apartment or spend a week there on vacation.

If you find it’s worth it, you may even be able to purchase a tiny house already sited in that community where you rented your tiny home. Usually, a tiny community with parking is the ideal pick. 

Local Laws

This factor has to be discussed no matter what. A lot of municipalities and counties don’t permit tiny houses under their current zoning rules. When you are looking at a possible community to join in, make sure and ask questions such as:

  • Has this tiny home community been cleared with local code enforcement?
  • Are tiny houses here permanent or temporary dwellings?
  • What kind of permit is needed?

Many people outright ignore it or get around this, but if you are searching for a genuine tiny house community, it must be 100% legal.

Hookups and amenities

A lot of current tiny house communities are set up very similar to RV parks. You pay monthly rent on a space to park your tiny house with hookups. These normally include internet, water, power, and other stuff like black or gray water connections.

The type of hookups you require will be based on how your tiny house was built. If you build it from the ground up, you really need a spot to park. Paying for full hookups that you will not be using does not make any sense at all.

You must also look at the amenities they give. Most will have some community events and specific approaches to get to know your neighbor. Some even offer things such as pools, walking trails, or other traditional neighborhood touches.

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Photo credit: Inhabitat

How Much Does It Cost to Live In a Tiny Home Community?

Living in a tiny home community has several benefits – a significantly smaller outlay when it comes to the cost of paying repair work and taxes and an overall much lower cost of living.

There is also a significantly smaller required initial cost for buying the house, meaning no need to worry about bank loans or mortgages; renting prices are similarly lowered.

Furthermore, living in a tiny home also implies less money requires to be spent on heating due to the generally energy-saving, environment-friendly designs of the houses themselves and the reduced number of rooms to heat.

How to Find a Community that Is Just Right for You

Not long ago, tiny home residents had to remain under the radar. They mostly lived in the backyards of their close friends or relatives, hoping that no neighbors would turn them in. 

States did not consider tiny houses to be legit residents. They were too much like an RV, too outside the box, too new to fit into existing zoning codes. But these days, a growing number of states are updating their regulations to welcome tiny house dwellers. 

Because of this, developments that cluster tiny houses together as a community are growing.

What States Have Tiny House Communities?

Due to the low costs and small size of their residences, tiny home communities are gaining momentum in popularity all across America.

A tiny house gives an ideal option for downsizing or even a cheap starting point for those individuals trying to buy their first house. Previously, the tiny home movement was restricted by state zoning laws which generally restrained small residential establishments.

Nowadays, the movement is growing, with communities springing up all over the US. They are being built as main-residence solutions for the chronically homeless and the burgeoning class of comfortable house owners searching for low-cost, cheap secondary properties.

Even though most (if not all states) have tiny house communities, this article will only focus on 15 states that are widely embracing tiny home communities.

What Is the Most Popular State for a Tiny House Community?

According to a 2020 report from HomeAdvisor, the most popular state for tiny home life is the Golden State, California. This state is the most well-known US state for the tiny living movement. Specifically, there were vast concentrations of tiny living posts tagged in San Diego and Los Angeles.

City officials throughout California have turned to tiny home communities as solutions for sky-high rent, a crushing housing shortage, and the homelessness crisis in big cities.

Tiny Home Communities in Florida

One of the best tiny home communities in Florida is the Orlando Lakefront, located at College Park in Orlando, Florida. Established in the 1950s, Orlando Lakefront has a new life as a tiny home community after years of decline.

Florida Tiny Home Community
Photo Credit: Orlando Lakefront

Orlando Lakefront offers permanent parking space for tiny house owners and short-term and long-term rentals on Lake Fairview – just outside Orlando, Florida.

Community-focused, sustainable, and sunny, this property is committed to maintaining the original spirit that first began the tiny home movement: simple living.

Dwellers can spend their days relaxing and mingling with like-minded residents, visit downtown Orlando which is a short seven-minute drive, or spend their days out on the water.

Name of Tiny Home CommunityNumber of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet PolicyDo You Have Internet Connection
Orlando LakeFront Tiny Home Community30 tiny housesYesYesAllowedYes

Tiny Home Communities in Georgia

If you’re eyeing a tiny home community in Georgia, then Cottages on Vaughan is a great choice. Opened in July 2021, this community is situated only 11 miles from Atlanta

With over 1500 people signing up on a waiting list to receive one of these tiny homes, there are only a total of 8 houses in this community.

Photo Credit: MicroLife Institute

This tiny house community all face a communal area that comprises picnic tables, a firepit, and a pergola- all with the aim to foster a community spirit

Name of Tiny Home CommunityNumber of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomeCan you buy a tiny house
Cottages on Vaughan 8 Tiny housesNoNoYes

Tiny Home Communities in Texas

If you want to abandon the burbs or city for the open grassland, then Spur, Texas welcomes you to settle down in the town.

While employment and job opportunities are limited, local officials say self-sufficient people seeking to set up a business will value the inexpensive real estate. Similarly, the cost of living in Spur is 30% less compared to the national average.

But before you prepare for departure, take note that Spur’s rules for fun-size homes: Yurts and natural homes built with materials such as clay, mud, or straw are not allowed. Additionally, all residents must have enough foundation and flush toiled hooked up to local utilities regardless of how small.

Number of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet Policy
The population is 1000+ peopleYesYesAllowed

Another well-known tiny home community in Texas is the Community First! Village. They are a collection of 20 canvas-sided cottages, 100 RVs, and 140 micro homes offering supportive, permanent housing and affordable community. 

The tiny houses on the 27-acre land are designed by skillful architects worldwide, and furnishings are acquired through generous sponsors.

Property amenities include convenient access to the Capital Metro bus stop, bed and breakfast for visiting guests, wireless internet, community market, outdoor movie theater, walking trails and gardens, and a medical facility. 

Additionally, it is a place for those who are hurting to heal and nobly rediscover hope with the community’s help.

Name of Tiny Home CommunityNumber of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet Policy
Community First! Village700+ homesYesYesAllowed

Tiny Home Communities in Tennessee

First of its type, Tennessee’s only luxury tiny home communities are located on Monteagle halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga. The Retreat Deer Lick Falls and The Retreat Waters Edge offer tiny houses for sale on big secluded lots.

Decide to live the destination outdoor lifestyle without sacrificing the modern design and amenities that you enjoy. They have several tiny house models to pick from. They offer built-in storage, smart utilization of space, and modern design features that come in temporary recreational living.

Photo Credit: The Retreat Waters Edge

Each day, more individuals realize that affordable comfort is not impossible with tiny houses at The Retreat Deer Lick Falls and The Retreat Waters Edge. Achieve serenity and reconnect with nature in the Tennessee Mountains.

Name of Tiny Home CommunityNumber of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet Policy
The Retreat Waters Edge11 Tiny Homes to rentYesYesAllowed

Tiny Home Communities in Arizona

Downsizing does not imply giving up beautiful scenery or soft interiors, according to LuxTiny. LuxTiny is a custom home builder that is an expert in small tiny houses.

They are creating the first tiny home community in the White Mountains of Arizona, comprising 45 areas on 6 acres. The lease prices for plots are $360 or less.

Tiny houses to buy start at $64,900, or you can also rent at about $800 a month. All dwellers will need to access 19,000 square feet of green walking area.

Name of Tiny Home CommunityNumber of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet Policy
LuxTiny Tiny Home Community41 SpacesYesYesAllowed

Tiny Home Communities in Oregon

Tiny Tranquility park is an ideal tiny home community that can be found on the coast of Oregon. It forms part of a coastal tiny home community in Oregon featuring more than 35 long-term tiny home parking spots and six nightly rentals. 

It was initially a rundown nursery in poor condition. But now, the community features a gorgeous indoor garden for growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers. 

Photo Credit: Tiny Tranquility Park

Other community spaces include a few rentable areas for small businesses, a large shared kitchen with an ocean view, outdoor barbecue, library, game room, private storage area for residents, laundry room, TV room, yoga area, mailroom, and an exercise room.

The community is located at the central Oregon coast, near the tiny town of Waldport. Dwellers have beach access through a quick five-minute walk and some great local shops and restaurants only a couple of miles away. 

Tiny Tranquility Park offers space to rent for at least a month. By doing this, there’s less turnover in the park. They also offer a decent amount of space in between tiny houses.

Name of Tiny Home CommunityNumber of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet Policy
Tiny Tranquility Park43 sitesYesYesAllowed. But sorry, no cats available in the nightly rentals.

Tiny Home Communities in California

You can establish your small tiny house on a lot at Lemon Cove Village, a tiny home-friendly RV community settled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California – a quick drive from Sequoia National Park.

Areas rates range from $450 to $595 per month, which include already the utilities. A discount on rent will be given while your tiny house is being built. Lemon Cove Village also has some tiny homes for sale, and they are accepting vintage trailers.

Source: Lemon Cove Village

Their rural community offers amenities usually found in walkable urban neighborhoods, such as a laundromat, community garden, and dog park.

Another well-known tiny house community in California is Habitats Tiny Homes. They are a custom building company that is currently developing the first master-planned tiny home community.

Around 10 miles out from San Diego, this tiny community has about 50 tiny homes; all provided with their own backyards for each eco-friendly tiny home dweller.

Furthermore, each home sports energy-saving features like solar power generation and water reclamation. Habitats Tiny Homes intend to lower the community’s carbon footprint as much as possible. They are genuinely a rural delight with their fantastic urban garden and farmer’s market.

Name of Tiny Home Community Number of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet Policy
Lemon Cove Village 350+ populationYesYesAllowed

Tiny Home Communities in Ohio

Cedar Springs Tiny Village is the new and first full-fledged tiny house community in Ohio. And their motto is “Simple Living on the Lake.” 

Tiny Home Communities in Ohio
Source: Cedar Springs Tiny Village

In August, they celebrated their grand opening and offered Modern Tiny Living clients up to 30 lots – some water-front – to park their tiny home for good. Close to the Natural Springs Resort, mature trees, a recycling program, and walking paths are just some of the many amenities to living on Cedar Springs Tiny Village.

Name of Tiny Home CommunityNumber of Tiny Houses or PopulationCan You Bring Your Own Tiny HomeCan You Rent a Tiny HomePet Policy
Cedar Springs Tiny Village 500+ peopleYesYesAllowed

Tiny Home Communities in Colorado

Directly at the “heart of the Rockies” is Salida’s rental tiny house community. With over 200 residents, they are one of the largest tiny homes communities in America. Not every home is really that little either since their houses vary widely in dimensions from 260 to 760 square feet.

Another tiny house community project by Sprout Tiny Homes is located in Walsenburg, where tiny houses are sold at figures starting from $60,000. Their 33 tiny homes range in size, not as widely as in Salida, but still with some notable variance, from 260 to 670 square feet.

This tiny house community is situated right next to the national landmark of the Spanish Peaks, which is one of Colorado’s Seven Wonders. There is also the 9-hole Walsenburg Golf Course which is available all year.

Both of the tiny house communities feature sufficient green spaces and areas for retail outlets and perks such as fitness centers for dwellers.

Tiny Home Communities in Washington

Hearthouse Tiny village is a tiny house community located in Marlin, Washington State. They have a population of under 50 people. 

Marlin is 40 minutes from Moses Lake, 2 hours from Spokane, and 4 hours from Seattle. Washington Moses Lake is a city with around 22,000 people and has plenty of employment opportunities in manufacturing with full benefits.

Hearthouse tiny village is very close to nature, which makes it extremely relaxing. This community is perfect for all ages who love a rural lifestyle. Other factors why you would want to settle here is because pets are allowed, uses biodegradable products, no forced gatherings, and a whole lot more!


We hope this guide to the best tiny home communities has led you in the right direction!